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Multi-functional event venue in Edmond

Can I bring in my own food?

YES.  Feel free to bring in food and drink.  But in order to receive your deposit back, all food and drink must be cleaned up when you are finished.  

Is there parking?

YES.  There is plenty of parking for you and all your guests in our lot.

Do you require a deposit?

YES.  A $75 security/cleaning deposit is included in the fee and will be refunded if the space is left as it was found.

What if I need to reschedule?

Rescheduling is not a problem! All events cancelled 15 days prior to the scheduled date or sooner will receive half of their fee returned and the full security/cleaning deposit. Events cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date will receive a refund of their security/cleaning deposit. 

Do you have storage or refrigeration space?

YES.  You will have access to a refrigerator in the same building.

Can I schedule a tour

Can I set up or schedule vendors to set up prior to the event?

Your setup MUST be done during your scheduled time. If you book an event from 5:00pm-8:00pm you will have access to The Space at 5:00pm and it is imperative that you depart at or prior to 8:00pm. We suggest allowing yourself 30-60 minutes for setup and an additional 30-60 minutes for clean up, depending on how elaborate your event is and how many helpers you have. Should you need extra time, please contact us in advance to check availability. If there is available time you may purchase an extra hour at the same hourly rate. 

Am I expected to clean up after my event?

YES! In order to keep our affordable rates, we ask all guests to leave The Space as it was found. This includes removing all decorations, food, beverages, and personal belongings, taking all three trashes out to the dumpster in the back parking area, replacing all three trash can liners, using a damp cloth to wipe tables/counters and crumbs from all chairs (parties are often very crumby), sweep if needed, vacuum rugs, and clean any obvious spills with O-cedar mop. Depending on how messy your guests are, the clean up process takes an average of 30 minutes and that’s after you have removed everything that you brought in.